Wish You Could be an NFL General Manager?
You’re Hired!

Run a real NFL team in the most realistic NFL GM simulation on the planet.

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The NFL Never Stops... Why Should Your Game?

Thousands of serious NFL fans are going beyond fantasy football and running a real NFL team year ’round

Engage with the NFL like never before possible

Our NFL General Manager simulation never stops, 52 weeks a year. Sign up and take over your favorite team’s roster to see if you can do better than their GM. Or, for a bigger challenge, start with an expansion team. Either way, you’ll sign free agents in March, draft along with the real NFL teams in April, and make painful roster cuts and fill your practice squad before the season. It’s a truly immersive experience, unlike anything created, like, ever. So… dive in!

Learn the nuts and bolts of managing a real NFL team

When you run an NFL team on PowerHouseGM.com, you’ll become a smarter fan. You’ll learn about what the real GMs need to know, from the “Rule of 51” to the importance of the vertical jump when evaluating a draft prospect’s explosion. You’ll adhere to the NFL’s salary cap using real-life player contracts. You’ll have to deal with “dead money” on your payroll. It’s not easy, but we’ll help you out with some of the most informative and educational NFL content available anywhere. Learn more about your favorite game in a hands-on way.

"I was a personnel executive in pro football for 25 years, and this is the most realistic simulation I've seen. You can be your own GM and run a team following all the same rules the real GMs have to follow.
25-year NFL
Personnel Executive

Think you can do the job? Prove it!

You’re not competing against your buddies here like you do in your fantasy leagues. You’re competing against the 32 real-world NFL General Managers, both for talent in the NFL Draft and free agency, and on the field during the season. Your decisions will add up to success or failure on the biggest stage.

Join our growing game and community

Our mission is to provide the most realistic NFL General Manager simulation ever devised to a community of the smartest, most passionate NFL fans. We have big plans for our future, and we hope you’ll be with us every step of the way. When you sign up to run a team on PowerHouseGM.com, you’re not playing a daily or season-long game. It’s a way of life. You’ll nurture your team for years to come. And, by the way, that’s one part of our game that’s not 100% realistic… you can’t be fired!
I always wanted to be a GM back when I was scouting for different leagues, now I have a chance to go up against the best and see if my draft philosophies and reports would win out. I'm a PowerHouse addict!
Matt Miller
Bleacher Report
” The daily interaction over the year, combined with this new GM aspect, is really what I’m interested in. The concept you bring is awesome! ”

David J, PowerHouse GM

” I just want you to know that if the features do not change, it’s still the best game of its kind out there, and the idea of the ‘live’ draft along with the actual NFL Draft is genius. ”

Sean J PowerHouse GM

” Watching East-West Shrine game practice on DVR…yes, Powerhouse has done this to me! ”

Rich L PowerHouse GM

Participate in NFL free agency during the off-season

The NFL’s off-season is actually the NFL’s business season, and the building for next year starts just weeks after the League crowns a champion. The NFL has truly become America’s year-’round sport, and it starts with Free Agency. When you run a team here on PowerHouseGM.com, you’ll compete with the real-life NFL General Managers to sign the big names in March, and find bargains over the summer.

Draft along with the real NFL Draft

The NFL Draft is the life’s blood of any NFL franchise, and you’ll participate with the real NFL Draft as you manage your team. Draft well, and you’ve got the foundation of a contender for years to come. Draft poorly, and your team could end up in the cellar.

Cut your roster and set your Practice Squad

As training camps close and the pre-season winds down, NFL General Managers have hard choices to make to trim their rosters to the in-season limit of 53 players, and you will, too. You’ll also form your own 10-player practice squad.

Compete with the real NFL teams through the NFL season

As the calendar turns to September, it’s time for the ultimate test, in games that count for real. Your PowerHouse team will play a 16-game schedule against real NFL teams. How good a job did you do building your roster? Do you have a franchise QB? Injuries are inevitable… do you have enough depth? If your team performs well enough, you could make the playoffs and compete for a championship!

Frequently Asked Questions

In our iGMTM NFL General Manager simulation, you compete with the 32 NFL GMs by making decisions based on the transactions that happen in real life. When free agents sign, you can try to sign them to the same contract (their real-life contract.) If you have the 17th pick in the NFL Draft, you can draft any player who is available in real life at #17. You follow all the same rules the real life General Managers follow, 52 weeks a year.
Our scoring system gives a grade to every player, including offensive linemen and defensive players… Everyone counts. Your job is to build the best roster you can, top to bottom. During the season, you’ll play a full 16-game schedule against real NFL teams. You can qualify for the playoffs, and even win a championship, just like the real teams.
We offer a fully functional 30-day free trial, beginning when you set up your team. After 30 days, membership is $9 a month, or $89 a year (two free months vs. the monthly price.)
When you start your team, you will be “magically sent back in time” to one week after the most recent Super Bowl. You’ll start your team and move through the calendar timeline to catch up. This allows our new members to experience free agency and the NFL Draft, even if those events have already passed in the current year. Depending on timing, you may have a lot to do right out of the gate!
You have two options when you start your team. You can take over an existing NFL team, with the roster they had at the end of the last season. You make the decisions moving forward. For a deeper challenge, we recommend starting with an “Expansion Draft.” You’ll pick two players from every NFL roster to form your starting roster. The players available won’t be big names – forget getting Andrew Luck. But, if you choose wisely, you’ll find some cornerstone pieces to build from.
We have no plans to have you compete with your friends to acquire players and build your roster. The whole idea is to see how you’d do against the real GMs. While we do not currently offer ways to compete head to head in games against other virtual GMs on our site, we do have plans to build exactly that as we grow and add features to the site. If you want to compare your team to other members’ teams, you can look at raw scoring data in the reports available on our site.